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Totara Engage makes it easy for your users to find curated learning and resources, get involved in discussions, and share knowledge with peers.

Creating, finding and sharing learning

One of the main benefits of using Totara Engage is that users can create their own content to share with other people in your organisation.

There are three types of contributions users can make:

These can all be found in the user's library. Users can also share content they find interesting with other users or workspaces.

When creating one of these contributions, the user can also assign it to a topic. Topics allow your users to find learning on a specific subject, or find similar content to some they have already enjoyed.

Users can like and comment on content to show that they found it interesting, or ask questions and start a discussion. Users are also able to report inappropriate content, allowing a Site Administrator to review the flagged content and remove it if necessary.


In Totara Engage you and your users can create workspaces to provide areas for users to find relevant content and engage in discussions with peers. Workspaces can be used for specific topics, departments, skills, or other organisational requirements. Workspaces can be public or private, and private workspaces can also be hidden from view.

Each workspace has its own library, and a dedicated tab for discussion posts.

There are two roles associated with workspaces:

Workspaces will typically have a single Workspace Owner (although they don't require one to function), with many members who have either found the workspace themselves or have been added by the Workspace Owner.

Engagement reports

As a Site Administrator you can use four types of engagement report to understand more about engagement levels on your site:

  • User engagement report
  • Resource engagement report
  • Playlist engagement report
  • Workspace activity and engagement report

Microsoft Teams integration

If your organisation uses Microsoft Teams you can integrate your Totara site to access a lot of Totara Engage functionality through Microsoft Teams.

You can set up the Totara application to facilitate notifications from Totara Engage, the messaging extension, and key features such as the library.

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