Our Approach

Agile Methodology and Stakeholder Engagement 

Our mission is to change how learning technologies are developed, delivered and purchased. Our primary propositions of flexibility and cost leadership are underpinned by an open source technology strategy. Open source enables "demand-side innovation", which means we rely on engagement with our partners and subscribers to inform the technology needs of our customers. We do this through active community engagement, where new features and improvements are openly discussed, debated and refined as they are added to our backlog. You can see our product roadmap on the Totara community site.

Whilst having a clear product strategy is paramount, it is also critically important to maintain flexibility in defining the feature-set from version to version within a fast-changing environment. This is true for all software, but even more so in a collaborative partner network coalescing around an open source framework. In Agile, the focus is not on fulfilling a rigid long-term roadmap, it's on delivering business value on a consistent, iterative pattern.  It’s incredibly difficult (if not actually impossible) to have high confidence yearly roadmaps at a granular level. Of course, the biggest advantage that there is in an Agile approach is summed up by the word agile – instead of trying to figure out right now what's going to be the top priority in a year (because we will all be wrong), we define what's important right now and deliver that business value as quickly as possible.