The Declared Interest Report allows a user to declare their interest in a Seminar Activity that they may not be able to attend due to a lack of upcoming sessions, inability to access a physical location, timing, or other reasons. Where a Seminar Activity allows a learner to Declare Interest, a user can do so from the course home page.

Administrators, Trainers, and Editing Trainers can view all interest submissions via the Administration block under Seminar administration > Declared interest report.

Stated reason for interest

This filter allows you to filter information based on a free form text field. If no text is entered, then the filter is disabled. The filter has the following options:

  • contains: This option will return rows of data that contain the text entered. 
  • doesn't contain: This option will return rows of data that do not contain the text entered.
  • is equal to: This option allows only rows where a field contains exactly the text entered.
  • starts with: This option allows only rows that have a field that starts with the text entered.
  • ends with: This option allows only rows that have a field that ends with the text entered.
  • is empty: This option allows only rows where the field is an empty string.

You can reorder the report display by Name, User's Email, Date of declared interest, or Stated reason for interest.

As a Report Builder report, additional Filters and Columns can be added to the report via the Edit this report button.  (Please see Report Builder for more information).

You can export the list of learner who have expressed learners as CSV, Excel, ODS, PDF landscape, or PDF portrait and click the Export button.  You will be prompted to Open or Save File to your computer.

The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using Seminar Management in Totara Learn.  Here you can learn more on how to use seminars, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.