The Content Marketplace allows you to access a range of free and paid-for learning content from trusted content partners (such as GO1), and integrate this SCORM based content into your course catalogue as one or many new courses.

This content can be used to add to your existing learning catalogue or supplement existing courses, programs and certifications.

Content marketplaces are plugins that can be installed on your site.  Currently Totara Learn only features the GO1 marketplace, however Totara Partners or other content providers can implement their own marketplace plugins within Totara.

Enabling content marketplaces

The content marketplace place is available through the Site administration menu.  Available marketplaces are listed with a Description and can be enabled or disabled as required. The content marketplace (and all active marketplaces) can be switched off via the Disable content marketplaces button. 

Setup content marketplaces

To activate a content marketplace, select the corresponding Enable link and login with an existing account or select Sign up to register a new account.  

Login to Go1      

In order for the GO1 Content Marketplace to work correctly within your Totara Learn site, administrators must register for GO1 services via their Totara Learn portal rather than directly with GO1.

GO1 Settings

After successfully creating an account with GO1 or logging in with an existing account, you will need to provide authorisation for your Totara Learn site to access your GO1 account and subscription, and confirm your GO1 Account and Content Settings.

Go1 Setup Account options     

Account Settings

Portal URLThe site name for your GO1 portal.This is set during registration but can be updated via your GO1 Dashboard.
Enabled byThe name of the administrator that enabled your GO1 account and subscription.-
Enabled dateThe date your GO1 account/subscription was activated on your site.-
Subscription details
Current PlanYour current GO1 Subscription Plan.This can be updated via your GO1 Dashboard.
Number of licensed usersThe number of users within this portal able to browse and add content from the GO1 catalogue to your Totara Learn site.This can be updated via your GO1 Dashboard by changing your Subscription plan.
Number of active usersThe number of users who have used the GO1 marketplace in the last 12 months.-
RegionYour locale based on your country selection during registration.This can be updated via your GO1 Dashboard.
Annual subscription costThe cost of your current yearly subscription to GO1.-
Renewal dateThe day on which your GO1 subscription will expire and require renewal.-

Select Continue to save your Account settings and navigate to the Content Settings tab.

Use the Manage subscription button within Account settings to access your GO1 Dashboard and update your account, subscription and portal settings 

Content Settings

Specify which content users with the ability to create courses, can access:

  • All content - All content available within the GO1 marketplace.
  • Subscribed content - Only content available to you within your current GO1 subscription.
  • Custom collection - Content that you have previously placed within a custom collection area.

Go1 Setup Content Settings

Select Save and explore GO1 to confirm your selection.

You can change these settings at any time within Site administration > Content Marketplace > Manage Content Marketplaces and selecting the Settings icon ()

Manage Content Marketplaces

Explore the content marketplace

After enabling and configuring your selected content marketplace, you will be able to review the content available via the Save and explore GO1 button or via Site administration > Courses > Explore Content Marketplace.

This catalogue of content can be searched by course title, the content provider or by keyword.

Content within the marketplace can be sorted by:

  • Latest content
  • Most relevant based on rank
  • Popularity
  • Price (low to high or high to low)
  • Alphabetically (A-Z)

Content can also be filtered by:

  • Availability (all items or just items available to you within your current subscription)
  • Tag(s)
  • Content Provider
  • Language of delivery

Use the Show more link to display additional filter options.

Explore content marketplace

To view more information about a course, click on the content listing (image or text). 

Where a course is available within your current subscription plan, it will be shown as INCLUDED.  All other items will be shown with the corresponding cost.

Use the Manage available content button to access your Content Settings and specify which items Content Creators may access.

View content item details

Users must be assigned Course Creator access rights or have the capability 'moodle/course:create' to create courses using the Content Marketplace.

Creating a content collection

While exploring the content marketplace, you can select courses to become part of a custom content collection.  Use the check-box square on the top left corner of a content item to select the item and click Add to collection.  Any number of content items can be selected and added to a collection at once.

Items within a collection can be viewed by selecting Custom collection within the Availability filter when browsing the content marketplace.

Adding courses to a collection

To remove content from a collection, select the required items using the check-box square on the top left of the listing and select Remove from collection.  Use the Select all option to check all content items. 

Removing items from a collection

Creating courses

Within the content marketplace

When browsing the content marketplace via Site Administration > Courses > Explore Content Marketplace, you can select one or many content items and select + Create course to add a new course to your Totara Learn site.

Create course option

The number and the name of the content items you have selected will be displayed alongside the mandatory Course settings.  You will need to confirm the Course settings for each new course you wish to create.

Course SettingDescriptionNotes
Course creation

Choose whether you would like to add all content to a single course, or create a new course for each content item by selecting:

  • Create a new multi-activity course for the selected content item/s, or
  • Create a new single activity course for the/each selected content item
The Course Format can be edited after import via Course administration > Edit settings.
Course full name The full name of the course is displayed at the top of each page in the course and the list of courses

This can be edited in the course via Course administration > Edit settings

Course full names do not have to be unique within your Totara Learn site.

Course short nameThe short name of the course is displayed in the navigation and is used in the subject line of course email messages.

This can be edited in the course via Course administration > Edit settings

Course short names have to be unique within your Totara Learn site.

Course category

This setting determines the category in which the course will appear in the list of courses

Once you have entered the required information, select Create and view course to add the new course or (where you have chosen to add multiple courses) Create [number] courses

Select Cancel to return to the Explore content marketplace area without creating any courses.

Add a new course via the content marketplace

Your course will be created and is ready to edit. Courses created using the content marketplace can be managed and configured as any other Totara Learn courses including tracking of activity and course completion.

Created course via content marketplace

Within manage courses and categories

You can also create new courses from content marketplace items via Site administration > Courses > Manage courses and categories > Create new course

After selecting Add courses from the GO1 content marketplace, you will be taken to the Explore content marketplace area where you can select the required content items and click + Create course.  Once you have entered the required Course setting information, select Create and view course to add the new course or, where you have chosen to add multiple courses, Create [number] courses

Select Cancel to return to the Explore content marketplace area.

Add a new course

Use the Import functionality to move marketplace content to existing courses.

Creating new plugins

Totara Partners or other content providers can implement their own marketplace plugins within Totara. For more guidance on how to do this please see the Totara developer documentation.