Getting started

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Installing Totara Learn

How to get started by installing Totara Learn. 

Whats new

What's new?

Find out what has been added and updated in the latest release.

Whats new

Version comparison

Explore the difference between versions of Totara Learn. 

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Upgrading to v9

Learn how to move to the latest version of Totara Learn. 

Whats new

Upgrading from Moodle

Discover how to transition from Moodle to Totara Learn.

Totara Learn for beginners course

Get started with this course on the Totara Academy. 

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Managing programs and Certifications 

Find out how to manage your programs and certifications.

User accounts

Manage users and their details. 


 Create site-wide groups of users either manually or dynamically. 


Explore the various enrolment options to get users into courses. 


Add interactive SCORM packages to your courses. 

HR import 

Learn how to add users by importing them from your HR system. 

Report builder 

Create and manage reports either across the system (as a site administrator) or as an individual. 

Seminar management 

Create, manage and report on in-person/classroom based events.