Totara builds employee engagement, learning, and performance management technologies that enable large multinational corporations, government entities, and mid-market companies to deliver enterprise-level talent and workforce experiences. Totara’s Talent Experience Platform (TXP) unifies an industry-leading learning management system (LMS), a user-centric learning experience platform (LXP), and a comprehensive performance management system under a single and highly adaptable architecture. Totara’s Talent Experience Platform and flexible architecture gives organizations the freedom to innovate, the freedom to choose, and unlocks resources for reinvestment into where it really counts. In times of change, having the freedom to adapt is critical.

Part of Totara’s value proposition to customers is to give customers the freedom to choose and the freedom to adapt. Totara Alliance Partners are a critical component to enable those freedoms, and we deeply value Partners who share that vision.

Purpose of Collaborative Marketing Policy

In delivering that vision to end customers, this Totara Collaborative Marketing Policy acts as the official guidelines on how to effectively represent the Totara brand, products, and services as a Totara Partner. New business leads, marketing support and market development funds will be allocated based on the Totara Partner’s adherence to this Collaborative Marketing Policy.

Marketing Policies

Detailed marketing policies are outlined in the Totara Partner Guidelines, but below is a summary of the main sections.

Referring to Totara

Totara uses a brand extension strategy whereby we leverage the primary Totara brand for product categories, services, and destinations. Do not use any Totara brands or names in your company or product names, taglines, social media handles, etc. Totara Partners must also adhere to the proper usage of Totara’s logos, color palette, typefaces, icons, Totara-authored content, customer logos, etc.

Collaborative Content

From time to time, Totara will request the Partner’s collaboration on content marketing initiatives including jointly publishing whitepapers, eBooks, infographics, and guides. If there are multiple Partners involved in the collaboration, Totara will manage all contributions and provide the final files for joint distribution.

Press Releases

Upon request from Totara, Totara Partners agree to collaborate on the creation of joint press releases and media statements.

Online Presence

Totara Partner websites need to have a separate and dedicated Totara page within 2-clicks of the homepage, and succeeds in articulating Totara’s value to prospective customer e.g.

  1. Why is Totara transformative?
  2. What makes flexible and open platforms unique?
  3. What is the total value proposition (Totara and Totara Partner) to end subscribers?

The Totara page must have 1 backlink to www.totaralearning.com using the anchor text “learning management system,” “LMS,” “learning experience platform,” “LXP,” or “performance management system.” Placements on your homepage and every Totara product page is preferred, as well as the opening of a new tab on-click. We also recommend using the Totara Partner logo in full color with a minimum size of 60 pixels x 48 pixels or larger.

Totara Partner Listing

Totara Partners are listed on www.totaralearning.com/partners. Your listing is an opportunity to profile the value-added services you provide and case studies of the customers you work with. It is recommended that you update your partner page at least once per year.

Annual Totara Event

Partners are encouraged to have an annual Totara User Event either in-person or virtually. For in-person events:

  1. They must comply with local public health laws, regulations, and guidance.
  2. Totara will consider providing marketing collateral, event promotion, and partial subsidies towards event costs (e.g. catering).
  3. At Totara’s discretion, Totara will consider sending a Totara staff member to be an event speaker.

For virtual events:

  1. Totara will consider providing event promotion and the purchase of digital advertising packages offered around the virtual user conference.
  2. Totara will consider having a Totara staff member to be an event speaker or host.

Ensuring Totara Customer Success

The success and product usage of Totara’s Users is in the mutual benefit of both Partners and Totara. Totara Partners, therefore, will collaborate with Totara on Customer Success initiatives including, but not limited to, invitations to webinars, surveys, the use of Totara Academy, and invitations to join the Totara Community.

Partner Portal

The Totara Partner Portal is an online interface available exclusively to Totara Partners and serves as a way which Totara shares information with Partners.

Branding Guidelines

Please refer to the Totara Partner Guidelines for additional details.


Updates to Collaborative Marketing Policy

This Collaborative Marketing Policy may be updated periodically. Totara Partners should periodically review the Collaborative Marketing Policy to ensure their compliance with any updates.


Email Totara’s Marketing Team at [email protected].

Last Update: 10-June-2020