The preferences page provide access to various settings and rules specific to a user. It can be accessed directly from the User menu within the Custom main menu area.

Site Administrators can also access the preferences of another user from a link on their Profile page.

The sections and information displayed is dependent on the user's permissions within the system as well as whether functionality (such as Notes and Messaging) has been turned on at the site level. 

User account

Links here allow users to edit their profile information and change their password, set their preferred language (if allowed) specify how they wish to receive forum messages and other notifications, choose a text editor (if allowed). Within the user account section you will find links to:


Here the user can manage and download their badges, set privacy levels and connect to their backpack. Within the badges section you will find links to:

See the Open badges Help page for more information on using and managing badges, as well as connecting to external providers.


The user's roles and permissions may be viewed and updated here by a Site Administrator and roles assigned within the individual's account (user context). Within the roles section you will find links to:

Please see the Roles and Glossary of terms Help pages for more information on roles, contexts, permissions, and capabilities. 


Where portfolios have been enabled and configured, their visibility can be set here on an individual basis.


If repositories are enabled on the site then there will be a link here to Manage instances. See the Repositories Help page for more information. 


Blog preferences may be set here and external blogs registered. Within the blog section you will find links to:

See the Blogs Help page for more guidance on using and configuring external (and internal) blogs. 

Registering an external blog.


What displays here depends on the permissions and roles of the user and the functionality enabled within the site. For example, if Event monitoring is enabled on the site, a link will be available in this section.