To complement Totara you might have learners using an external portfolio system, such as Google Docs. If this is the case then you may want to allow learners to export certain content from Totara into their portfolios such as forum posts, assignment submissions and glossary entries. 

Default portfolio plugins

The following portfolio plugins come as part of core Totara:

The MNET Networking and Mahara ePortfolio plugins have been deprecated in Totara 13.

Items you can export

There are a number of different activity types that allow learners to export their content to an enabled portfolio sources. Please note that Learners can only export their own content, that is an entry post or other content they have created/ contributed. Depending on what is being exported this is done via either the link or icon below (these will likely be much smaller on your site, they've just be enlarged for illustrative purposes):

Export to portfolio link or Export to portfolio icon

The content that can currently be exported to portfolio includes:

Enabling the use of portfolios 

  1. Tick the Enable portfolios box in Quick-access menu > Configure features > Learn settings.
  2. Enable selected portfolio plugins in Quick-access menu > Plugins > Portfolios > Manage portfolios.

A list showing which portfolios are enabled and disabled.

Each separate portfolio plugin will have a Settings link with configuration details and information.

Individual user settings for portfolios

Users have the ability to select which available portfolios are presented in their Export to portfolio list; by going to Preferences > Portfolios > Configure where they have the option to hide any configured portfolio plugin.

Furthermore, under Preferences > Portfolios > Transfer logs, each user is shown a list of any currently queued transfers and previous successful transfers. All pending exports, can either be continued (green button) or cancelled (red button).

There are a number of settings that apply to all portfolios, which can be accessed under Plugins > Portfolios > Common portfolio settings. They include:

If the actual values exceed the threshold values, users will be warned that the export might take some time.