You can use courses to deliver training materials to your learners in a structured way.

Courses are also available in the Totara Mobile app. Please note that Mobile app course pages work slightly differently in the Mobile app compared to on a desktop site. 

Setting up courses

Courses can be sorted into categories and sub-categories. For example, you might want to include all HR-related courses in an HR category. This would allow you to assign Learners to the entire category, or assign users as Editing Trainers or Course Creators only within the HR category, allowing them to create and edit courses relevant to their HR expertise, but not on other parts of the site.

Once you have created your course, you can add content such as:

If required, you can import content from existing courses on your site.

Once your courses are populated with content, you can enrol your users.

Managing courses

Once your courses are up and running, and Learners are accessing their training, you will need to manage your courses.

You can set restrictions on certain content, only allowing access for certain roles, or once learners have completed specific activities.

If you need to keep track of how your Learners are doing, you can view records of activity completion and course completion, or run course reports.

You can also complete a range of administrative tasks, such as resetting your course, recovering deleted content from the recycle bin, and backing up courses. If you have the appropriate permissions and capabilities, you can configure common module settings and set how progress bars are calculated and displayed.

Administering courses

Site Administrators also have additional capabilities, such as adding custom fields and configuring default course settings across the site.