When preparing your course for use you will want to add some type of content, either:

You can also control access to activities and resources using the restrict access feature or monitor course progress with activity completion

All activities and resources are also available in the Totara Mobile app. Please note that activities and resources may work slightly differently in the Mobile app compared to on a desktop site. 


Activities are interactive items of content that you can add to a course. Unlike resources (which tend to be passive content items) activities encourage participation from Learners and other course users - whether that be making a post, submitting an assignment, casting a vote, or another interaction. There is a wide range of different activity types available in Totara Learn, from interactive SCORM e-learning modules through to glossaries, forums, seminars, quizzes and more.

You can find out more about each of the following activity types:

(This video is taken from the Courses and categories course in the Totara Academy, where you can access more resources and learning materials - including other videos). 


Resources tend to be passive content items that are useful for distributing information. They are normally added to the course by a Trainer or Site Administrator and then accessed by Learners (or other Trainers). There is a wide range of different resource types available in Totara Learn which can add depth to your courses.

You can find out more about the following types of resources:

Manage activities

This lists the course page activity and resource plugins currently installed and allows you to change the settings of the plugins.

You can read more about using the various activities and resources on their dedicated pages, or learn about the different Activity Settings using this interactive video within the Totara Academy:

List of activity types.

Editing activities and resources

There are lots of ways you can quickly edit resources and activities to your preferences, including changing settings, renaming, and moving the activity or resource within your course. 

Edit menu

A shortcut menu with common actions will appear beside each activity and resource on the course page when the course has Turn editing on.

Editing options.

The options are:

Moving items

You can use the crosshairs (Move icon) to drag and drop an item to a different topic on the page.

  1. Hover your mouse over the crosshairs (Move icon) for the item you wish to move. 
  2. Left-click and hold on your mouse.
  3. Drag the item to where you want it to go.
  4. Release the left mouse key to place the item. 

You will see a washed out version of the item where it would be placed if you released the mouse key to place it. 

Drag and drop to move an item.

Quick edit name

If you want to quickly rename an item you can do this by following these steps:

  1. Click the edit icon (Name edit icon) immediately next to the item's name. 
  2. Type the new name.
  3. Press the enter/return key on your keyboard. 

Quick editing an item name.

Group settings

If the course has groups enabled on it then you can quickly edit the group mode for any applicable activities by clicking the icon alongside the Edit menu. Cycle through the options until you get the one you want.

Completion settings

You cannot edit the completion settings without going into the activity settings but you can quickly see what the settings are if they are set. If activity completion is set to none then there will be no icon. Additionally you can see more on the activity completion help page.

Totara Academy

The Totara Academy has a program specifically for Course Creators in Totara Learn. In this program you can find a number of courses covering how to use various course activities and resources, see best practice, and give them a go yourself.