The label module enables text and multimedia to be inserted into the course page in between links to other resources and activities. Labels are very versatile and can help to improve the appearance of a course if used thoughtfully.

Labels may be used:

(The video above is taken from the Totara Academy course on Course resources).

All activities and resources are also available in the Totara Mobile app. Please note that activities and resources may work slightly differently in the Mobile app compared to on a desktop site. 

Adding a label

  1. Click the Turn editing on button.

  2. Select Insert a label from the Add a resource menu.

  3. Create your label.

  4. Select whether to make your label visible by selecting Show or Hide from the Visible menu.

  5. Complete Common Module settings if required.
  6. Complete Restrict Access if required.
  7. Complete Activity Completion if required.
  8. Enter Tags if required.
  9. After you have created your label, click Save changes.

If you want to use a label to identify a grouping of resources and activities within a section, you can indent the links under the label using the arrows adjacent to each resource or activity link. This gives your grouping some visual separation from the rest of the content.

Plugin settings 

As a Site Administrator you can configure the site-wide settings for Labels under the quick-access menu within Plugins > Activity modules > Label.

Remember to click Save changes when you are done editing settings. 


If you check yes then the site will offer to create a label when media files are dragged & dropped onto a course.


When a label is created from a dragged and dropped image, resize it if it is wider than the number of pixels set here (0 for no resize).


When a label is created from a dragged and dropped image, resize it if it is higher than the number of pixels set here (0 for no resize).


Dragging and dropping content

If dragging and dropping of media is enabled in the plugin settings, then when any media is added to the course in this way Totara will ask if you wish to add it as a file or Add media to course page, this option will add the content as a label. 

Dragging and dropping media to create a label.

You can also go to Experimental settings and enable dragging and dropping of text and links onto a course page. As with drag and drop for media, when text is dropped on the page Totara will offer to add it to the course as a label. 

Totara Academy

The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using Course resources in Totara Learn. Here you can learn more on how to use various course resources, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.