Once attendees are booked and confirmed for a seminar event and the selected Mark attendance at time has arrived, a Site Administrator, Editing Trainer, or Trainer can take attendance.

The Take attendance area can be accessed via the corresponding Attendees link in the event or (where Session attendance tracking is enabled) via the Take attendance link on any relevant session in the events dashboard.

Navigating to take attendance from the events dashboard.

Taking event attendance

Mark event attendance for each individual by using the corresponding Current status dropdown to select:

As soon as the Mark attendance at time has been reached you can update each learner's status.

Click Save attendance to save any changes or Cancel to clear all changes and return to the Attendees tab.

Where Session attendance tracking is enabled, the event Take attendance page will display additional information. Under each attendee, the total number of sessions marked with each attendance status will be displayed.  This allows trainers to consider the attendee's overall attendance before awarding an Event attendance.

When Manual event grading is enabled, the Take attendance tab for an event (not for a session) will include an Event grade column.

A trainer can manually grade learners by entering a number from 0 to 100 within each corresponding row.

If the grade of a learner is left blank (i.e. the input box displays Empty), no grade will set for the event, and the event will not be used to calculate the seminar activity grade.

The Take attendance tab for a seminar event.

Seminar Event grades are added to the course Grades area and will count towards a learner's course grade and Course completion (if set).

Taking session attendance

When Session attendance tracking is enabled, administrators and trainers can record learner attendance for individual seminar sessions. Session attendance tracking can be enabled in the activity defaults.

Use the Take attendance dropdown menu at the top of the Take attendance page to select the required session, then record the learner's attendance status within the Session attendance dropdown menu, selecting as required from:

Selecting an event to take attendance.

Like events, session attendance can be marked individually or in bulk.

Sessions may be unavailable (dimmed) if attendance is not yet allowed, depending on the Mark attendance at setting. Please see Creating a seminar activity for more information.

Marking bulk attendance

Alternatively, administrators and trainers can mark attendance in bulk. Using the Select dropdown choose AllSet, or Not set then set the Mark all selected as dropdown to No show, Unable to attend, Partially attended, or Fully attended as required.

Click the Save attendance button to save changes or Cancel to clear all changes and return to the Attendees tab.

A seminar activity can be marked as complete based on the user's attendance status (Partially attended and/or Fully attended). 

Downloading a sign-in sheet

From the Attendees tab you can access the Sign-in sheet section to download a sign-in sheet for use in your seminar session. The downloaded sheet will include the attendees name, any sign-up notes, and a space for them to sign into the session. 

  1. Go to the Attendees tab.
  2. Under the Sign-up sheet section select the session you want a sign-up sheet for from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select the file format from:
  4. Click Download

Downloading a sign-up sheet.

Uploading attendance

It is possible to upload a CSV file containing all of the attendance records. If event manual grading is enabled, the CSV file may also include grades.

  1. Go to the Taking attendance tab. 
  2. Click the Upload event attendance button. 
  3. Upload the file and set the encoding and delimiter type. 
  4. Click Continue
  5. You will then see a confirmation of what will be uploaded.
  6. Click Confirm to complete the process. 

You can download an attendance sheet to upload here by clicking the CSV export for upload button.

Uploading event attendance.

This feature can only be used to upload event attendance, not session attendance.

Available fields

When creating a CSV file to upload attendance you will need to include a user identification field. Choose only one of the following:

You will also need to include eventattendance. For this column each learner will be assigned one of the following codes:

Optionally you can also include the eventgrade column, using a number between 0-100 as a grade (or leave empty to skip).

Example file

When constructing the file the field names above act as column headings with the user data entered under each one as a new row. In the example below the identification field is the username. The first two learners have fully attended while the third was unable to attend the session. Each column is separated by a comma (the delimiter). 


Exporting attendance

Where required, administrators and trainers can Export all users and their saved Attendance status to Excel, OSD or CSV. Select the required format from the dropdown menu and choose to either the Open or Save File option when prompted.

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