When you need to assign people to run specific seminar sessions, you can make them facilitators. They can be users in Totara (internal) or people outside of Totara (external). Users will get notifications about the seminar session they are facilitating, and see those sessions on their calendar.

External facilitators are any facilitators without accounts on your Totara site. You can set up external facilitators to make it clear which facilitators are running which events, without giving those facilitators access to your site. If you need facilitators to handle tasks on your site, such as marking attendance, you will need to provide them with a user account and set them up as an internal facilitator.

Site Administrators can access the facilitator administration page by going to Quick-access menu > Seminars > Facilitators.

The Manage facilitators page lists all facilitators added to the site by a Site Administrator, and allows Site Administrators to search for specific facilitators. This page is an embedded report so may be configured using the Totara Report Builder, the results exported to .CSV, Excel, .ODS or PDF, and each column (except Actions) sorted in ascending or descending order as required. Please see Reports for more information.

Multiple facilitators can be added to a single seminar event.

Actions column

The Actions column provides several options for each facilitator.


The edit icon () will allow you to update the facilitator's details. 


The visible/invisible icons ( ,)  will allow you to hide or show the facilitator from the list of available facilitators when users create a new event. This will not affect any events to which the facilitator is currently assigned.


The delete icon () is only available if the facilitator is not currently assigned to an event. When the facilitator is assigned to one or more events this icon will be greyed out.

Add a new facilitator 

You can create a new facilitator on the site by scrolling to the bottom of the Manage facilitator page and clicking Add a new facilitator

The only field required to create a new facilitator is the Name field.

Only users with the mod/facetoface:managesitewidefacilitators capability can add site-wide facilitators.

Facilitators can also be created and added to specific seminar activities on an ad-hoc basis by users with the mod/facetoface:manageadhocfacilitators capability, although it is best practice to add all facilitators site-wide, then add them to seminar activities as required.


Enter the facilitator's name.  

This field is mandatory.
TypeSelect whether the facilitator is an Internal (i.e. they have an account on the site) or External user (users without an account on the site). Internal users must be linked to a site account by clicking Select user and selecting the user from the list.If the facilitator is linked to an account on the site, any sessions/events assigned to this facilitator will be displayed on the linked user's calendar.
Allow booking conflictsChecking this option will allow the facilitator to be booked to multiple events running at the same time.-
BioProvide a description of the facilitator's skills, background, credentials, and any other relevant information about them.The bio provided will be displayed on the facilitator's page, which attendees can view from seminar event pages.

Adding a new facilitator.

Totara Academy

The Totara Academy has a whole course dedicated to using Seminar Management in Totara Learn. Here you can learn more on how to use seminars, see best practice, and give it a go yourself.

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